Service of machines

Thanks long-standing service-engineering and horizontal drill reparation know-how,makes the company exept the metal cultivation also a tool machine service. It ´s mostly the service of horizontal drills made by TOS Vansdorf. Types of machines are H63(A), H80(A), H100(A), W100(A), WHN9B, WFQ80NCA, WH10NC a CNC, WH(Q)105CNC, WHN110CNC(Q), WHN130CNC(Q), WHN(Q)13CNC, WPD130Q.

Thanks to the technical and personal hinterland we are able to establish a complete elektromechanical machine service.

The basic elektromechanical corrections- removal of simple trial mistakes
         Full service:

  • machine mounting and dismounting
  • ordinary yearly service inspection
  • geometric correctness measuring
  • general storage unction
  • regulation of machine pieces with shaving and basting

We are partner for machione construction and service of foreign importers ,as well, for example company Microwill.